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Import Sales without Inventory

QuikAccount provides the simplest way to import your sales data into Tally software. It comes with 4 different formats to import sales without inventory in Tally. You can import sales voucher in both Accounting Mode and Invoice Mode with multiple field options like separate buyer and consignee, bill references, dispatch details, order details etc.

Steps showing How to Import Sales entries from Excel to Tally

Step 1. Open QuikAccount & Connect Tally

(Click here to see How to Install & Activate software)

1.   Go to Help sheet and match Tally Port in Cell 'D4' with the port set in Tally.

     (Port in tally can be set by pressing F12 on Gateway of Tally --> Advanced Configuration)

2.   Now click on the connect Tally button on the screen.

Step 2. Copy data in Purchase/Sales Sheet

1.   Select Purchase/Sales sheet and Check Mode mentioned in Cell D1. Click on Without Inventory button if the mode is different.

2.   Copy following mandatory field:

a)  Inv No.

b)  Date

c)  Party/ Customer Name

d)  Place of Supply

e)  Taxable Value (separate columns are given for each GST rate)

Rest data like GST amount, Inv Amount etc. is auto-calculated.

3.   Copy optional fields if needed like party GST no., narration, consignee name, reference no., reference date in subsequent columns

Step 3. Sales/GST Ledger Mapping

1.   Click on Ledger Mapping button, a mapping window will open.

2.   In mapping window, various drop downs are available wherein tally ledgers have been preloaded. Select the appropriate sales ledgers in relevant drop-down.

3.   Sales ledgers can be mapped on the basis of GST % and Nature of Transaction (Local or Inter-State)

4.   Similarly select the CGST, SGST, IGST ledgers for different GST rates.

Step 4. Validate Sheet

1.   Select Voucher Type in Cell E2. All default & custom vouchers available in tally will be shown here.

2.   Click on Calculate & Validate button to identify the possible error in your data and see the report on error sheet.

3.   Resolve the errors by clicking on the hyperlink.

4.   Errors can be broadly classified as follows:

  • Error in Party Name- For resolution see next step
  • Error in Date- Date should be excel readable and within the financial year selected in Cell 'C2'
  • Error in POS- Select POS from drop-down available.
  • Error in Taxable Values- Taxable values should be within permissible digits after decimal (Usually 2 decimal)

Step 5. Resolve party name error

1.   Upon validation, all new ledgers are transferred to ledger sheet. Go to ledger sheet and export them in Tally.

2.   Alternatively, you can edit the ledger name in sales data only by selecting from drop-down available.

Step 6. Validate again and Export

Validate the sheet again and see if all errors have been removed. If Validation is success, click on Export to Tally Button. All data will be exported to tally instantly.

Go to tally and verify your data.


Invoice Details

Data can be imported with Invoice No, Inv Date, Ref No., Ref Date, Bill Reference etc.

Multiple Tax Rate

Single voucher with multiple Sales and GST ledgers can be imported. Multiple Tax Rates can be used.

Separate Buyer & Consignee

You can use different buyer and consignee name, address, state in single voucher.

Additional Accounting Ledgers

You can use additional accounting ledgers such as loading charges, freight, shipping, discount etc.

Custom Voucher Type

Use custom vouchers created in Tally (Ex. GST Sales) Further multiple voucher type can be used in one go.

Cost Center and Narration

You can use Cost Center at either voucher level or ledger level. You can also use narration.

Order Details

Import sales voucher with sales order details i.e. order no. and date

Dispatch Details

Import sales voucher with Document No, Dispatch through, Destination, Vehicle No., Delivery Note No.

Cess & TCS

Import sales data with Cess or TCS.

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