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Import Journal Entries in Tally

QuikAccount provides the simplest way to import your Journal entries in Tally. It provides multiple ways (in different formats) to import journal entries in Tally. You can import journal entries with various optional fields of tally like narration, voucher no. reference no., reference date etc.

Steps showing How to Import Journal Entries (using Multi-sheet) from Excel to Tally

Step 1. Open QuikAccount & Connect Tally

(Click here to see How to Install & Activate software)

1.    Go to Help sheet and match Tally Port in Cell 'D4' with the port set in Tally.

     (Port in tally can be set by pressing F12 on Gateway of Tally --> Advanced Configuration)

2.   Now click "Connect Tally" button available on Help sheet.

Step 2. Goto Multi Sheet and set columns

1.   Goto multi sheet of QuikAccount.

2.   In this sheet you can set no. of debit columns and no. of credit columns as per your need.

3.   For this click on Update Column button and enter the no. of debit & credit ledger columns required.

4.   Now select voucher type in Cell 'B2'

Step-3 Copy data in Multi Sheet

1.   Now copy your data in desired format.

2.   Voucher date is mandatory column.

3.   Please make sure that debit total and credit total in each row should match.

Please note that one voucher is created for each row.

Step 4. Validate & Export

1.   Once you fill all the data, please click on Validate button.

2.   Errors if any will be highlighted.

3.   If your data contain any new ledger, it will be transferred to Ledger sheet. Go to ledger sheet and create new ledgers by clicking export to tally.

4.   Rectify other errors if any and validate again.

5.   Once validation is successful, click on Export to Tally button.



Multiple Dr./Cr. ledgers

You can import Journal Entries with multiple debit & credit ledgers. Upto 30 debit and credit ledgers can be used in single voucher (professional version).

Multiple format

Option to put data in both columnar and row format. So whatever format of your data, our expert will guide you to import that in few seconds.

Custom Voucher Type

You can choose, your designed custom voucher created in tally for passing Journal entries from the voucher type drop-down option.

Cost Centre & Category

You can import Journal Entries with Cost Centres & Category. Multiple cost centre can be selected in one journal entries.

Bill Ref & Date

You can import Journal Entries with bill reference (against ref) and date. Multiple against ref with different amounts can be used in single ledger.


You can import Journal Entries with narration for each Journal entry.

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