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How to Install Excel to Tally Software

Here we have given detailed steps regarding how to download, install and configure our Excel to Tally tool depending on the excel version you have. Please read the instructions given below carefully.

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1. Windows XP or above

2. Microsoft Excel 2007 or above

3. Tally 9 or Tally.ERP9 or Tally Prime

4. Microsoft 2007 Users needs to install Microsoft Office 2007 service pack 3 (link given on Download page Step-1)

Downloading, Installation and Activation

1. Download QuikAccount setup file from https://quick2tally.com/home/download

2. Right click setup file and install on your PC and you will find three shortcut on your desktop.

   a) First shortcut is for Excel 2007, 2010 and 2013 users

   b) Second is for Excel 2016 and above version (32bit only)

   c) Third is for  Excel 2016 and above version (64bit only)

Note: If you have excel 2007 and installed Office Service Pack 3, you can also use file mentioned in point b)

3. Open the applicable file, file will open in Excel.

4. Enable macros from the security warning given below Excel Ribbon. (See detailed steps to enable macro here)

5. Once you enable macros, you will be redirected to 'Registration' sheet.

6. Click on Activation Button, fill the form and activate your trial license.

Connection with Tally

1. Once your trial license is activated as explained in above step. You need to make tally connection.

2. Tally Settings:

a) For Tally.ERP9--> At Gateway of Tally --> Press F12 --> Advanced Configuration and make following configuration

b) For Tally Prime--> Press F1 (Help) --> Settings ---. Connectivity  --> Client/Server Configuration and make following configuration

3. Set port on QuikAccount Help Sheet- The port you have set in tally, you need to mention same port in Help sheet of QuikAccount.

4. Click on Connect Tally button. This will import all tally masters like Stock Item, Ledgers, Vouchers, Godowns, Cost Centres etc.


One Click Tally Connect

Software can be connected with tally in One Click and Import All masters like stock items, ledgers, cost centres, Godown, Voucher Types etc.

Auto Identify New Masters

Since software imports all masters from tally, it identifies from your raw data whether a particular ledger or stock item is available or not.

Option to Create New Masters

Software automaticlaly identifies new masters in your data and give one click option to create them in tally.

Direct Export to Tally

Data can be directly exported to Tally. User don't need to create XML files. One click export facility is available.

Easy Search Option

Software provides drop-downs at relevant places from which user can select ledgers, stock items, godowns etc with easy search option available.

Import GSTR-2A/ 2B

Import purchase entries in tally directly from GSTR-2A, 2B. GSTIN and CompuGST software format supported.

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